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"...with as much affection for tradition as for its customers."

"...In a trend-driven town, consistency and resilience are rate virtues. For 25 years, this cheerily cluttered mini-inn has been serving up classics and old-fashioned continentalism with as much affection for tradition as for its customers. Regulars know to go for the delicate scallops- and you'll never find escargots more garlicky than these."

The Washington Post

September 2, 2005


French Twist
By Phyllis C. Richman
Washington Post
August 18, 1986


Try Le Vieux for Old Times' Sake
By Eve Zibart
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, Aug. 12, 2005


Le Vieux Logis Still Young at Heart at Quarter Century
By M.J. Pleasure
The Gazette
Nov. 17, 2004

And from our guests...

 Dear Diana,

Thank you for another wonderful evening! We’ve been privileged to share special occasions with you for 25 plus years and they just get better and better. Your warmth, the welcoming attitude, your staff, the comfortable surroundings, and of course the food! Enough can not be said about the menu. It was excellent as usual with a great mix, new treats, and familiar dishes.

All the best and see you again soon,

Pete and Insuk Esker

Dear Diana,

I have lived in Bethesda all my life and have been your neighbor for 20 years but last night was my first dining experience at your restaurant. The charm inside echoed the interior charm that has called me for many years. I wonder what took me so long to walk through the door. Rest assured that you now have a new customer who will be back many times.

I look forward to bringing friends and family,

Linda Higgson


 Dear Diana,

As Always, we had a lovely evening at Le Vieux Logis last night. It was exactly 15 years ago when we first met you.. July 14, 1998-another Bastille Day. I remember the year because it was just before my son’s Bar Mitzvah. And, I remember that it was July 14 because the restaurant was decorated with balloons for the holiday. Over the past 15 years, we have spent countless evenings with you celebrating all sorts of family events, so it seemed only fitting that we celebrated our retirement and our move to the beach with you exactly 15 years after our first dinner there.

You probably don’t realize how many significant moments in our lves we have spent with you. There were, of course, all the birthdays and anniversaries and the many evenings that Steve and I just wanted to have a nice quiet meal together. But, in addition, we were at Le Vieux Logis the night that my mother died, and we were there when we first met our son’s girlfriend’s parents.

You may remember that night. I was certain that they were going to announce their engagement, but instead, it was simply dinner with her and her parents. They are still together, but still not engaged or married. If they ever do get engaged, we’ll definitely come back for a celebration dinner with you! You may also remember that Steve held a surprised party for me at Le Vieux Logis for my 50th birthday. And, the New Year’s Eve that you still apologize about was, in fact, a memorable evening for us. My son-in-law still says that he had the best meal of his life that night.

So, the fact is that you and your staff have been more important to us that you could possibly know. In some ways, it feels like you’re family. Thus, while we are moving away, I’m not going to say goodbye because I’m certain that we’ll be back to celebrate more of life’s important events with you in the future.

Thank you for all the wonderful evenings,

Steve and Marian (Manny) Stark


My dear Diana,

I just couldn't let the day go by without sharing with you the lovely evening my friend and I had at Le Vieux Logis last night.  Not that I've ever had anything but a divine evening there, but this one was rather special.

My friend is a member of the Chevy Chase Club and a few times, more in the past couple of years, we would come to Le Vieux Logis.  But she always loved to take me to Chevy Chase, and she thought the food there was so wonderful!  The atmosphere is nice, the service and ambiance very elegant, but I always felt the food was just adequate.  And when we ate at Le Vieux, she always liked it, but she never really appreciated it and expressed it as she did last night!

What impressed her so much was definitely YOU!  She felt the love and caring you expressed to your customers, coming over to each table several times during the evening, making sure everything was perfect, filtered down through all your employees.  Even to the fact that you provide valet parking for the guests!  At Chevy Chase you park your own car, in all kinds of weather!

My friend couldn't have been more enthusiastic about you, your employees, your marvelous food which is prepared so caringly and exquisitely, and she decided that she and I were going to get together much more frequently and have dinner ONLY at Le Vieux Logis!  I've always said and felt that your restaurant is the very best in town, but it's so nice to have someone else acknowledge it as well.

Sorry that I'm writing this on my computer, but after years of communicating this way, my handwriting has deteriorated so much and I didn't want you to miss a single word of the compliments both my friend and I were pouring on you last night.

Much love and appreciation for all your caring,




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